Best Golf Grips With No Glove 2023

Best Golf Grips With No Glove 2023

Golf grips play a pivotal role in a golfer’s performance and overall comfort on the course, and the option of playing without a glove introduces an interesting dynamic to this essential aspect of the game. When opting for a gloveless grip, golfers must pay meticulous attention to the grip’s texture, size, and tackiness.

The grip’s texture should provide just the right amount of friction to ensure a secure hold on the club throughout the swing, promoting accuracy and control that makes the Grip preference for no-glove golfers a little clearer. Without the added grip of a glove, golfers may prefer a slightly tackier grip, especially in humid conditions, to prevent the club from slipping during the swing.

Additionally, grip size becomes even more critical as it directly affects a golfer’s ability to maintain a consistent and comfortable hold on the club. Golfers opting for a gloveless grip should experiment with different grip sizes to find the one that allows them to maintain control without undue strain on their hands.

Furthermore, golfers who go gloveless should pay extra attention to hand care and maintenance. Without the protective layer of a glove, the hands are more susceptible to blisters, calluses, and potential discomfort. Regularly moisturizing and conditioning the hands can help prevent these issues, allowing golfers to maintain a comfortable grip throughout a round.

It’s also essential for golfers to focus on proper grip pressure and hand placement to minimize the risk of developing hand-related problems. Ultimately, playing golf without a glove requires thoughtful consideration of grip texture, size, and hand care practices to ensure a secure and enjoyable golfing experience.

Check Out Our Top 5 Best Golf Grips Without Gloves

Best golf grip for no glove


The WINN DRI-TAC MIDSIZE Golf Grip is known for its moisture-resistant comfort and visibility-enhancing black and blue design, offered in a set of 13 pieces for complete club regripping.


  • Moisture-resistant
  • Unique black and blue color combination enhances visibility
  • Comes in a set of 13 pieces for complete club regripping


  • May not be suitable for golfers who prefer a traditional grip texture
  • Coloring is a bit unique
  • Reccomend washing the grips with soapy water every so often

The WINN DRI-TAC MIDSIZE Golf Grip is designed to give golfers a comfortable and secure grip on their clubs, especially for golfers wearing no glove. These grips feature a unique and proprietary WinnDry polymer material that combines a comfortable, cushioned feel with exceptional moisture resistance.

This makes them ideal for golfers who sweat during their rounds or play in wet conditions. We love these grips because of how stable our hands feel with no glove. This grip offers a slightly larger diameter, making it suitable for those who prefer a thicker grip for enhanced control. The black and blue color combination adds a touch of style to your clubs while also enhancing visibility.

These grips come in a set of 13 pieces, allowing you to re-grip your entire set of clubs. Overall, these golf grips are a great choice for golfers seeking a comfortable, moisture-resistant grip that can help improve their performance on the course.

Runner Up

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Standard Golf Grip

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet Standard Golf Grips are renowned for their classic feel, durability, and non-slip texture, making them a trusted choice among golfers of all levels.


  • Classic feel and durability has seen this grip around for years
  • Non-slip texture
  • Versatile standard size accommodates a wide range of players


  • Limited variety in design and color options
  • Didn't last as long as other grips for no glove

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet Standard Golf Grips are widely recognized and trusted by golfers of all skill levels. Known for their classic design and exceptional performance, these grips offer a balance of feel, durability, and responsiveness, making this one of the best golf grips for barehanded play.

The standard size provides a comfortable fit for most golfers, while the simple, black color scheme adds a clean and professional look to your clubs. The Tour Velvet grips feature a non-slip surface texture that helps maintain a consistent grip, even in challenging weather conditions.

This ensures that golfers can confidently swing their clubs without worrying about slippage. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Standard Golf Grips are a reliable choice to enhance your control and feel while also being a great golf grip option for gloveless golfers.

Budget Pick

CHAMPKEY Premium Rubber Golf Grips 13 Pack

CHAMPKEY Premium Rubber Golf Grips feature a ribbed pattern for enhanced traction and come in multiple color options, offering a cost-effective solution for golfers seeking both grip security and style


  • Cost-effective grip solution with a ribbed pattern for enhanced traction
  • Available in multiple color options to match your style
  • Durable rubber compound provides excellent grip security


  • Feels a little sandpaper-y
  • Wish they had more color options
  • Didn't perform as well compared to other sweaty hand grip options

The Champkey Premium Rubber Golf Grips are designed to offer golfers an affordable yet high-quality grip solution that is some of the best golf grips for golfers not wearing a glove. These grips are made from a durable rubber compound that provides excellent durability and feel. They feature a classic ribbed pattern that enhances traction and control, allowing golfers to maintain a consistent grip throughout their swing.

The standard size suits most players, and the grips are available in multiple color options to match your style. Champkey emphasizes the importance of proper grip, and these grips are a cost-effective way to ensure that your clubs feel secure in your hands, whether you’re playing in wet or dry conditions.

Premium Pick

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grip Bundle

The Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grip combines a soft, cushioned feel in the lower hand with high-traction control in the upper hand, ensuring a comfortable yet responsive grip for golfers.


  • Innovative dual-texture design combines comfort and control
  • Soft feel and better for thicker hands
  • Fits most hand sizes really well


  • Slightly more expensive than basic rubber grips
  • Jumbo size felt too big

The Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grip is known for its innovative design that combines the comfort of a soft, cushioned feel with the control of a high-performance grip. The CP2 Wrap features a dual texture pattern, with a high-traction surface in the upper hand area for enhanced control and a softer, comfortable surface in the lower hand for reduced pressure and fatigue during extended rounds.

This balance between control and comfort makes the CP2 Wrap Grip appealing to golfers who desire precision and a pleasant grip experience. It is available in standard and midsize options to cater to individual preferences. Golf Pride’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the CP2 Wrap Grip. It is a popular choice among golfers looking to improve their grip while maintaining a comfortable feel on the course.

Tacky Pick

SuperStroke S-Tech Rubber Golf Club Grip

The SuperStroke S-Tech Rubber Golf Club Grip is an innovative, non-tapered grip designed to improve swing mechanics and control, featuring a unique contour and tacky texture for an enhanced connection with the club.


  • Very similar to top tier golf grip brands
  • Makes your handle feel secure
  • Suitable for golfers seeking a more direct connection with the club


  • Wish the material was a little thicker
  • Did ok in the rain

The SuperStroke S-Tech Rubber Golf Club Grip is a versatile grip designed to offer golfers the perfect blend of comfort and performance. These grips feature a proprietary rubber compound that provides a soft and tacky feel, allowing golfers to maintain a secure grip on their clubs while minimizing hand fatigue.

The unique S-Tech texture pattern enhances control and responsiveness, particularly in challenging weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for golfers who play in various climates. The standard size accommodates a wide range of players, while the non-slip surface texture ensures that the club remains firmly in your hands throughout your swing.

Whether you’re a weekend golfer or a serious competitor, the SuperStroke S-Tech Rubber Golf Club Grip can help you improve your grip, control, and overall performance.


Golf grips designed without gloves offer a compelling option for golfers seeking a more direct connection with their clubs. These grips are crafted from specialized materials that provide both comfort and enhanced traction, allowing players to maintain a secure grip even without the additional layer of a golf glove.

By eliminating the need for a glove, golfers can save on costs and simplify their gear while enjoying the benefits of a more tactile feel of the club. It’s important to note that choosing whether to use a glove or not is a matter of personal preference, and golfers should consider their individual comfort, playing conditions, and grip style when deciding on the ideal grip setup for their game.

Ultimately, golf grips designed for use without gloves offer golfers an additional choice in optimizing their grip and enhancing their overall performance on the course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What helps sweaty hands in golf?

To reduce sweaty hands in golf, carry a towel or handkerchief for regular drying and consider using a golf glove with moisture-wicking properties. Additionally, you can apply specialized antiperspirants or grip-enhancing products, and stay hydrated to help mitigate excessive sweating during your round.

How do I keep my golf grips dry?

To keep your golf grips dry, carry a towel or handkerchief to wipe them down during your round and consider using grips with moisture-resistant materials to prevent excessive moisture absorption. Additionally, storing your clubs in a cool, dry place and avoiding playing in wet conditions can help maintain dry grips.

How do you freshen old golf grips?

To freshen old golf grips, start by cleaning them with warm, soapy water and a brush to remove dirt and grime. After cleaning, consider using a grip-enhancing spray or grip tape to restore tackiness and improve their feel, or replace them if they are excessively worn or damaged.

What are the best golf grips for golfers not using a glove?

For golfers not using a glove, it’s advisable to choose golf grips with textured patterns or rubber compounds that provide a secure and comfortable grip, even without the additional grip provided by a glove. Golf grips with a tacky surface or those made from synthetic materials like rubber or cord are often preferred for their ability to maintain grip in various weather conditions and without a glove.

How much of a difference do new grips make?

New grips can make a significant difference in your golf game. They can enhance your control over the club, improve grip consistency, reduce hand fatigue, and contribute to better shot accuracy, making them an important equipment upgrade for golfers looking to improve their performance.

Do pros play midsize grips?

Professional golfers often customize their equipment, including grip size, to suit their individual preferences and needs. While some pros may choose midsize grips for various reasons such as hand size or grip pressure, the grip size used by professionals varies widely, and it ultimately depends on their personal comfort and playing style.

What is the best golf grip for no glove?

For those with no glove, we recommend looking for a grip that has consistent material across the entire grip. We think if you have multiple material elements on your grip, your hands may not love how the backswing feels (especially as your hands hinge).

We like a few grips for those that don’t want to wear a glove. Our top pick for this category is the Lamkin Crossline Grip for its simple yet well-fitted material. Remember that those with sweaty hands who want to play without a grip may look for different materials.

We also really like the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip based on it’s coiled design that really allows the fingers to get deeper into the grip for more stability.

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