The Best Wedges for High Handicappers and Beginners 2023

The Best Wedges for High Handicappers and Beginners 2023

When starting their golf journey, beginners must carefully consider their wedge selection to enhance their learning curve and overall performance. A cavity back wedge is highly recommended for novices due to its forgiving nature, boasting a larger sweet spot that minimizes the impact of off-center shots. Easy to hit wedges for high handcicappers should be the name of the (short) game!

To help beginners get the ball airborne with ease, wedges with higher lofts, like sand wedges (54-56 degrees) and lob wedges (58-60 degrees), are ideal as they provide increased elevation. Moreover, wedges featuring wider soles contribute to cleaner contact with the turf, instilling confidence in short-game shots. This will also help golfers understand some of the best wedges for slicers because there are many similar aspects when it comes to wedges for high handicappers.

Opting for a versatile grind on the sole is prudent, as it accommodates various shot types and playing conditions, offering beginners greater adaptability when learning various shots around the green. Fortunately, budget-friendly options are available that balance quality and performance, ensuring beginners have accessible and reliable choices to embark on their golfing journey.

High handicappers aiming to improve their short game and lower their scores must carefully select the appropriate wedges to facilitate progress. Consistency and precision pose challenges for high handicappers; the critical consideration lies in finding wedges that offer forgiveness and consistency. The cavity back wedge emerges as a top choice, incorporating perimeter weighting and a larger sweet spot to minimize the impact of mishits and enhance shot dispersion.

Diversifying the loft options with wedges like pitching, gap, and sand wedges is essential, as it caters to various distances and shot requirements. Additionally, opting for a sole grind that reduces bounce and enhances versatility can prove advantageous for high handicappers navigating different lies and turf conditions.

Ultimately, with all of these things in mind, we’ve done the busy work to test and try these clubs across different conditions so you don’t have to. This even includes high handicap friendly golf wedges for women and seniors!

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Top Mens Pick

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy CB Wedge

The Mack Daddy CB Wedge, featuring a cavity back design, offers enhanced forgiveness, control, and ample spin to improve consistency around the green, making your short game more precise and effortless.


  • Phenomenal construction and materials
  • Wide range of loft options
  • Really great forgiveness for off-center hits
  • Top wedge maker
  • Amazing spin to help with control around the greens


  • A little expensive compared to our other picks
  • Sizeable cavity isn't for everyone
  • Best for men golfers

The Callaway Golf Men’s Mack Daddy CB Wedge is a high-performance option tailored for male golfers seeking excellence in their short game. Designed with a versatile cavity back, this wedge offers forgiveness and playability, catering to various skill levels.

Golfers can select from a wide range of loft options, ensuring precise shot selection to match different distances and course conditions. Employing advanced surface milling techniques, the wedge boasts precise sole geometry, leading edges, and score lines, resulting in optimal turf interaction and consistent performance.

The groove design on the face further enhances spin and control around the greens, enabling golfers to achieve more consistent shots during approach and putting. That’s why this is our best wedge sand wedge and best golf wedge for high handicappers and beginners for this year because Callaway has continued to innovate and prove that they are constantly focused on being the best wedge maker in the golf industry for all types of players.

Top Women's Pick

Callaway Golf Women's MD5 Jaws Wedge

The Jaws MD5 wedges represent a revolutionary breakthrough in wedge design and performance, featuring new jaws groove designs that incorporate an exceptionally sharp edge radius and proven groove-in-groove technology, resulting in increased spin for precise control.


  • Made for female golfers
  • Ideal design offers maximum forgiveness
  • Many different loft options to choose from
  • Fantastic brand who has made wedges for decades


  • Solely meant for women golfers
  • Decent price point based on competitive offerings
  • Some players might prefer a different brand or design for their wedges.

The Callaway Golf Women’s Mack Daddy CB Wedge is expertly crafted to deliver exceptional performance and playability for female golfers in their short game. With a cavity-back design, the wedge offers forgiveness and stability, assisting female players in achieving better results, even on off-center hits.

Available in various loft options, golfers can fine-tune their shot distances and trajectories to match their game. Like its male counterpart, this women’s wedge benefits from advanced surface milling techniques, ensuring precise sole geometry and leading edges for optimal turf interaction. We have this ranking in our wedges for beginner golfers and for women golfers because of the amount of forgiveness this club provides, especially for off-center hits.

The wedge’s groove design enhances spin, granting female golfers greater control and consistency when navigating around the greens and executing approach shots. Whether a seasoned player or just beginning, this wedge caters to the needs of women golfers, empowering them to elevate their short game with confidence and precision.

Not to mention, this wedge ranks among the most forgiving wedges on the market today. Pair this with a new set of irons and you’ll be taking your game to new levels (and looks) in no time.

High Loft

MG1 Chrome Wedge

The TaylorMade MG1 Milled Grind Wedge showcases precision through advanced surface milling techniques for precise sole geometry, leading edges, and score lines, resulting in optimal turf interaction and consistent performance with features like ZTP-17 Groove, Precision Weight Port, premium materials, and CNC machined sole geometry.


  • Great quality for the price
  • Perfect for those who hit the ball fat
  • Forgiveness is great for those with a low ball flight


  • Smaller head of the club means less forgiveness
  • Price is a little higher than we'd like

The Chrome Golf Men’s 2022 Cleveland CBX Wedge is a quality option engineered to optimize performance for male golfers. Focused on consistency, the wedge boasts a cavity back design that enhances forgiveness and stability, enabling players to achieve accurate shots even on mishits.

With a wide range of loft options, the wedge accommodates various shot types and distances. Employing advanced milling techniques, the wedge's sole geometry is meticulously crafted to promote optimal turf interaction, resulting in controlled and consistent performance around the greens. We tested this club with the Bridgestone Golf 2021 e12 Contact Golf Balls based on our [best golf balls under \$30](/best-golf-balls-under-30-dollars/) and the spin was far better than we expected within 80 yards.

Wedges for amateur golfers are growing by the year with specific groove designs on the face to help generate substantial spin, offering golfers better control over their shots, especially during approach and from challenging lies. With a perfect blend of versatility, precision, and consistent performance, this wedge is an attractive choice for male golfers looking to elevate their short game.

Mens Budget Pick

Cobra Golf Men's King Snake Bite Wedge Black QPQ

The wedge features Snakebite Groove Technology with a re-engineered cutting method for maximum spin, Full Face Grooves on specific lofts for increased spin performance with open-face shots, three versatile grinds (versatile, classic, wide low), and Progressive Spin Technology with tailored grooves for consistent trajectories across lofts.


  • Very well known golf brand
  • Big club face means more forgiveness
  • Spin rate is great for those who are looking to hold more greens


  • Black face of the club might not be for everyone
  • Ball flew higher than others when tested
  • Not explicitly designed for female golfers, which might limit its suitability.

The Cobra Golf Men’s Black Classic Grind Wedge is designed to deliver exceptional performance for male golfers seeking versatility and precision in their short game. With a classic grind design, this wedge offers various shot-making options, catering to different playing styles and course conditions.

Available in multiple loft options, players can equip themselves with the right tools for various shot distances and trajectories. Maintaining high-quality construction and performance standards, Cobra ensures reliability in this wedge. This is a major reason as to why this is one of our favorite golf wedges for seniors.

The CNC machined sole geometry and precise leading edge promote consistent turf interaction, giving golfers greater control and confidence around the greens. If you are a male golfer searching for a dependable and versatile wedge to enhance your short game, the Cobra Black Classic Grind Wedge is a compelling option. Lastly, this wedge was also the easiest wedge to hit out of the sand due to the overall bounce and shape of the club face.

Best Mens Wedge Set

LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set for Men

This left-handed Lazrus golf wedge with a 52-degree loft offers top-quality forged construction, comparable to high-end clubs but at a fraction of the price, suitable for all skill levels and designed for great spin and consistency with its micro milled face.


  • Premium forged construction provides a soft feel
  • Incredibly cost-effective for three golf wedges
  • Comes in a variety of loft options
  • Great for both male and female golfers


  • Not the most well-known brand, but has been proven and tested
  • Didn't go as far as other competitors

The LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set offers golfers a premium experience at a fraction of the cost, making it an attractive choice for both male and female players. Meticulously crafted with forged construction, the wedges provide a softer feel and improved feedback during play. The set features multiple loft options, catering to various shot distances and requirements.

The wedges’ milled face ensures exceptional spin, control, and consistency from various lies on the fairway, fringe, or rough. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a scratch golfer, this pro-quality wedge set delivers outstanding performance without the exorbitant price tag. That’s why this set is included in our golf wedges for high handicappers review because they are easy to hit and have helped to improve many players games.

For those seeking a remarkable golf club to improve their game without breaking the bank, the LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set is an excellent and cost-effective choice. We also recommend pairing your new wedges with a new golf glove so you can really ensure you feel comfortable with your grip and swing action.


Alright, let’s wrap this up with some golf wedge wisdom! Whether you’re a high handicapper or a beginner golfer, nailing the right wedges is like finding the secret sauce to ace your short game! High handicappers fear not! Go for those forgiving cavity back designs with a mix of loft options to scatter those mishits and land your shots closer to the pin. And check this out – a sole grind that reduces bounce so that you can conquer any turf like a boss!

Now, you beginners, listen up! Embrace those cavity back wedges with wider soles – like the magic wands of golf! Aim high with those loft options, getting that ball up and soaring like a birdie machine! And guess what? Versatile sole grinds mean you can slay any shot type and take on any golfing quest like a pro!

But hey, don’t break the piggy bank! Budget-friendly options are here to save the day. Golf’s about having a blast, not draining the wallet, right?

So, my golfing pals, remember this: know your skill level, style, and swing – that’s the ticket to picking your perfect wedge lineup! Once you’ve got those golf wizards in your bag, unleash your short-game prowess! Spin, control, and consistency – you’ll rule the greens like a golf legend! Let’s hit the course and tee up for some wedge-tastic fun! Fore!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do high handicappers need 4 wedges?

The question of whether high handicappers need four wedges in their bag doesn’t have a simple answer. While multiple wedges can benefit players of all skill levels, it might be overwhelming for some high handicappers who are still mastering their swings. Focusing on mastering one or two wedges, like a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, before adding more, could be more beneficial. Ultimately, the key is to enjoy the game, play to your strengths, and gradually build your skills. So, whether you opt for four wedges or just a few trusted ones, have fun, practice, and enjoy the journey of improving your golf game! 🏌️‍♂️⛳️🏌️‍♀️

Does a high handicapper need a 60 degree wedge?

The 60-degree wedge, also known as the “lob wedge,” can be a valuable but challenging club for high handicappers. Its high-loft design is perfect for delicate shots around the green and getting out of bunkers, but it requires skill and practice to control effectively. If you feel confident with this wedge and have practiced extensively, it can be a game-changer, but for some high handicappers, it might add unnecessary complexity to their short game. Focusing on mastering pitching, gap, and sand wedges could be a more sensible approach for greater versatility and control. Ultimately, the decision depends on your comfort, skill level, and how much you enjoy using different shots around the green. Golf is all about enjoyment and improvement, so choose clubs that make you feel confident and excited on the course! Happy golfing!

Should I carry three or four wedges?

The number of wedges you should carry in your bag depends on your playing style, skill level, and personal preferences. Carrying three wedges, such as a pitching wedge, gap wedge, and sand wedge, can offer sufficient versatility and cover a range of distances for most golfers. However, if you feel confident in your short game and want to add more shot options around the green, carrying four wedges, including a higher lofted lob wedge, could be beneficial. Consider how comfortable you are with each wedge’s loft and your ability to control them effectively. Ultimately, choose the setup that suits your game and allows you to feel confident and capable on the course.

What is a high handicap in golf?

In golf, a high handicap refers to a player with a higher numerical handicap index, typically above 18 for men and 24 for women. The handicap index represents a player’s average score relative to the course rating and reflects their skill level. A higher handicap indicates that the player’s average scores are higher, meaning they might require additional strokes to complete a hole compared to players with lower handicaps. High handicappers are generally less experienced or have not yet developed advanced skills, but they can still enjoy the game and work on improving their performance over time.

Do I need a 56 and a sand wedge?

Whether you need both a 56-degree wedge and a sand wedge in your golf bag depends on your playing style and the variety of shots you encounter on the course. A 56-degree wedge is commonly known as a sand wedge and is designed for shots around the greens, mainly out of bunkers and soft lies. It offers a good balance of loft and versatility for short game shots. If you frequently encounter greenside bunkers or need higher lofted shots, a 56-degree wedge can be a valuable addition. On the other hand, if you already have a sand wedge in your bag, it might cover similar distances as a 56-degree wedge. Assess your shot needs, consider your current wedge setup, and choose the clubs that best complement your game and provide you with the shot options you need to excel on the golf course.

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